106 years in motion


Our innovative drive technology is designed for customers who place the highest demands on their own products. 

Their benefits and satisfaction are the focus of our business. All of our efforts are geared towards these goals. 

This has been true for a hundred years now.









Mönninghoff Transmission Technology (Shanghai)Co., Ltd

Mönninghoff Transmission Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a product supporting and service manufacturer specializing in mechanical transmission components and overall solutions such as clutches, brakes, couplings, torque limiters and linear drive technology. Mönninghoff drive solutions represent an infinite variety of concepts that are used in all fields of modern mechanical engineering. Our technology is primarily designed for extreme conditions. Today, we are a leading technology partner on the global stage. We never equate quality with technology, but as a desire for perfection. We believe that our innovative solutions will bring benefits and satisfaction to those customers who place the highest demands on their products.