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Shaft couplings - Shaft couplings from Mönninghoff: Reliable torque transmission in your drivetrain

Mönninghoff shaft couplings provide the solution for any misalignment situations. For balancing shaft-to-shaft connections, compensating vibration and impact loads innovative designs are required. We develop holistic and integrated drive systems by combining different Mönninghoff products enabling our customer to achieve best performance.

Type 314 - ArcOflex coupling

Type 318 - ServoFlex coupling

Type 328 - ServoFlex coupling

Type 338 - ServoFlex coupling

Type 313 - HexaFlex coupling

Type 315 - ClawFlex coupling

Type 323 - HexaFlex coupling

Type 325 - ClawFlex coupling

Type 333 - HexaFlex coupling

Torsionally stiff and torsionally flexible couplings from Mönninghoff:

Whether for the compensation of misalignments of two shaft ends, the compensation of shocks or the damping of vibrations in the drive train, shaft couplings from Mönninghoff offer the right solution for every application. Customer-specific designs and combinations of different drive elements are widespread in this product segment.

With decades of experience as a developer and manufacturer of couplings we offer you a wide range of variants in the field of connection technology:

Torsionally stiff shaft couplings: Our torsionally stiff shaft couplings achieve their backlash and torsional stiffness through high-strength and flexible stainless-steel diaphragm packages which are optimized according to the Finite Element Method (FEM). Depending on the application, the coupling can be designed in different lengths and with corrosion protection. Due to the ATEX certification of our shaft couplings, they can be used in explosion-proof applications. As a manufacturer of customer specific couplings, we gladly adapt the connection dimensions of the shaft coupling to your needs.

Torsionally flexible shaft couplings: Our torsionally flexible shaft couplings connect input and output shafts like a cardan joint. They are backlash and wear-free but can be mounted radially. This enables us to offer you a simple and cost-effective assembly. Torsionally flexible shaft couplings can also be supplied in variable lengths, with corrosion protection or in an ATEX version. There are no limits to the fields of application of our shaft couplings. Weight-reduced shaft couplings with carbon fibre elements extend the number of possible applications.

As for any other product types, our engineers design the shaft coupling for every application according to the customer's requirements. If required, further drive elements such as clutches, overload clutches or a sensor system and housing can be integrated.

What can we engineer for you?

For more than 100 years now, Mönninghoff has been developing and producing
customized  drive systems.

It is our claim to accompany you not only as a supplier but also as a technology partner throughout your innovations and developments. We achieve this by flexibility, creativity and motivation of our employees. Whether voice coil actuator, holding brake, torque limiter or switchable clutches:

We would be pleased to advise you in selecting the suitable Mönninghoff product and adapt it according to your application. You can reach us by telephone on 021-56056926, by e-mail or via our contact form.