Going green

In our permanent effort to reduce waste and especially minimize plastic, we have made a big step forward regarding our packaging.


First of all, we stopped using VCI plastic bags and now ship our products in VCI paper. For this we chose a very strong carton paper that allows significant corrosion protection. This means, it can not only be disposed with wastepaper, but also protects the product without any fat or oil. It is labeled with the RESY, is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and TRGS 615 conform.


The wrapped clutches and brakes will then not be secured by stuffing material from Styrofoam chips anymore, but by paper-based ones.


We also managed to find alternatives for both the document poaches as well as the packaging tape, which can be recycled alongside all other paper waste.


Additionally, we continuously encourage more and more of our customers and suppliers to switch to reusable packaging.


If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement regarding "Mönninghoff going green", please let us know. For this you can contact our shipping department via goinggreen@moenninghoff.de any time.

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